No Drill Solutions

Whether you're renting, or you simply would rather not drill into your window frames or the surrounding walls, then you're in the right place!

PerfectFit blinds are designed to fit seamlessly on uPVC windows.

Top features include:

  • Drill-free installation means your frames won't be damaged
  • Your no drill blinds will fit perfectly with a stylish modern look
  • Made to measure
  • Suitable for windows, doors, and tilt & turn windows
  • Child safe due to no hanging cords or chains
  • Energy efficient options

Your local Luxaflex® retailer can guide you through the solutions best suited for your windows (or doors) but in the mean time, discover how No Drill Blinds work.

PerfectFit Shutter Lite PerfectFit Shutter Lite

No Drill Shutter Solution

Fitted by a professional Luxaflex® installer, PerfecFit Shutters don't require any required screws or drills so they won't damage your window or door frame. And best of all, PerfectFit Shutters work on most windows and doors including patio doors and tilt and turn windows. What's more, this range of shutter is damp proof making it the ideal choice for your bathroom, en-suite, or utility room.

PerfectFit Honeycomb Blind PerfectFit Honeycomb Blind

No Drill Honeycomb Solution

Our range of PerfectFit Honeycomb blinds offer a softer look at the window. The fabrics are honeycomb shaped which amounts to their energy efficiency properties. You can choose from light filtering fabrics or blackout fabrics, great for bedrooms!

PerfectFit Shutter Lite on Patio Door PerfectFit Shutter Lite on Patio Door

Where should I install no drill blinds?

No drill blind solutions can be installed on almost any window, but are ideal in any of the following scenarios.

Tilt and turn windows: Because the frames are attached neatly to the window itself, the blind will move with the window.

Kitchen sink window: The wipe clean options are the most stylish and practical window blind choice for the kitchen sink window.

Bathroom & en-suite window: The humidity from showers can damage traditional blinds overtime, but installing our damp proof option is the ideal solution!

Utility room window: Our damp proof options are ideal for utility rooms, where humidity from washing machines and dryers can damage traditional blinds.

Patio Doors: The frames of our PerfectFit options are neatly attached to the doors, allowing the blind to move with the doors.