Cleaning Roller Blinds

It is recommended that any stains on your Luxaflex® Roller blind should be removed without delay.

Slight or localized dirt
All fabrics, with the exception of the metallic ones, can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or sponge. A non-synthetic detergent may be added to lukewarm cleaning water if required. Do not scrub or rub hard, since you may damage the protective coating.

N.B. Metallic fabrics should not come into contact with water, since this might damage the metallic layer.

Extremely dirty
Extremely dirty roller blind fabrics are difficult to clean. Complete immersion of the roller blind in water is NOT recommended.

The fabric is adhered to the steel roller tube and cannot be separated from it without damaging the blind. Contact with water could cause the fabric to detach from the tube, and could also cause rust formation.

The above recommendations have been drawn up with care. We are, nevertheless, unable to accept responsibility for the results of cleaning