Duette® Shades

•Energy-saving • Room darkening • Stylish colours • Exclusive patterns • Smart home control • Insulating • Made to measure

The Original Honeycomb Shade

Precision crafted for over 30 years Duette® Shades unique cell structure naturally regulates the temperature of a room, softens ambient noise, and reduces energy costs. All whilst gently filtering daylight.

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Solutions for Every Home

Every home is different: Our Duette® Shades window coverings can offer answers to even the most complex design questions, and all made to measure.

Something for Every Room & Mood

We innovate in every element, including our cordless LiteRise® and SmartCord® solutions that prioritise child safety and seamless operation.

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Tilt & turn solution

A perfect choice for standard windows, tilt and turn windows, and doors, Duette® shades really cover it it all!

As an added bonus, the unique energy-saving qualities of Duette® Shades keep you warm in summer and cool in the winter. And our special fabrics are also ideally suited for humid rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.


Stylish Duette® Shades and nature work hand in hand. By enhancing the light and keeping your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and insulated all year round, Duette® Shades help make your home more sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

The sustainable fabrics we use in Duette® Shades are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ which guarantees that the fabrics used are a high-quality, re-useable source for new products at a later stage, essentially creating a waste-free system and made without exploiting nature.

OEKO-TEX™ 100 Standard means no harmful chemicals were used in the production process of these beautiful shades, and therefore, you know you are making the right choice for you and you're family.

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Feeling good, doing good

Luxaflex® Duette® Shade fabrics can help your home be more sustainable.

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