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Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds, soft, subtle light control for your home

Honeycomb Blinds

Create just the right amount of light needed and privacy in your home with our beautiful Honeycomb fabrics, available in a stunning range of colours, textures and transparencies to complement your style.

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All windows covered

Perfect for all types of window, Luxaflex® Honeycomb blinds are also great for tilt and turn windows and doors.

Energy Saving Design

The unique honeycomb shape traps heat inside the blind and your room rather than being allowed to escape through the window. This can reduce your heating bill in winter and in summer can keep your room cooler.

Light is beautiful

Luxaflex® Honeycomb Blinds are available in variety of beautiful colours, soft tones and transparencies. Our Top-Down Bottom-Up blind is the ultimate in light control, allowing you to shade sections of your room while still protecting your privacy.

Smart blinds for modern living

Program your Luxaflex® Honeycomb blinds to gently wake you with the morning sun, or create a cosy retreat as you return home

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Find a showroom

Together with our local expert, you can look at inspiration for your room and get to know the products and materials you like.

Home consultation

We’ll measure your dimensions, assess your lighting, and make sure everything is perfectly designed for your home

Seamless installation

Relax and let Luxaflex® professionals do what they do best. Always knowing you’re covered under our guarantee.