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Vertical Blinds

Elegant simplicity for larger windows

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innovation in design

Designed with Safety

Making products safer for homes is an integral part of our design philosophy.

More on Child Safety

Special window shapes

Curved, large and any shape you can image are perfectly made by Luxaflex®.

Solutions for odd windows

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Contemporary and classic style

Our gorgeous range of colours, patterns, rich structures and transparencies from delicate sheer fabrics to striking textures, help you get the perfect balance of light and privacy and style.

Convenient and smooth operation

Our beautifully designed Vertical Blinds can be controlled with a simple wand or for the ultimate in convince and comfort - our motorised operation with a remote control or wall switch is the perfect choice if you have lots of windows.

year round comfort
Super-chic window styling
Perfect light control
Reflect your window style
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Thinking floor to ceiling

Wonderfully practical and ultra-modern

Think big

“When you want to think big, Vertical Blinds give you the flexibility you need with crisp, clean lines all the way – from a standard window to the most ambitious high, wide and handsome project”.

endless possibilities

Make it yours

  • Colours
  • Fabrics & Materials
  • Made for you


From soft, subtle whites and neutrals to bolder, brighter, eye-catching options, you’ll find the perfect design in our range – enjoy some of our favourites and see the whole range at your local Luxaflex® showroom.

Browse our fabrics and see how they could look in your home.

Desing Space

Fabrics & Materials

Superb fabrics, exclusive designs and on-trend metallic and wood looks. We’ve picked out some of our favourites but visit your local Luxaflex® showroom to see the whole range.

Made for you

Each Luxaflex® product is individually crafted to your unique specification. At your local Luxaflex® showroom you can decide which fabrics or finishing touches you like with the operating control you like best and then get an exact price based on your design.

Find a local Luxaflex® showroom near you.

From start to perfect finish

Let’s talk

Together with our local expert, you can look at inspiration for your room and get to know the products and materials you like.

Home Consultation

We’ll measure your dimensions, assess your lighting, and make sure everything is perfectly designed for your home

Craftsmanship guaranteed

Your bespoke product will be handmade with care and attention to detail by our skilled craftsmen

Seamless installation

Relax and let Luxaflex® professionals do what they do best. Always knowing you’re covered under our guarantee.

Showroom locator

Enter your address details to get in touch for your made to measure window decoration.